Cynthia Silver
Cynthia Silver
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Schedule permitting, Cynthia provides private coaching & consulting services

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Cynthia’s experience studying and teaching Practical Aesthetics, the script analysis & acting technique developed by playwright David Mamet and actor/director William H. Macy, over the course of the last 20+ years, gives her a unique ability to support actors, writers, and directors in bringing the story to its fullest potential.


Whether you are an actor preparing for an audition or your first day on a new gig, a director prepping for your first rehearsal/day on set, or a writer looking to delineate each character’s individual arc, Cynthia will interrogate the script with you, help you articulate each character’s psychology, motives, and actions with specificity, and bring the third dimension of the character to light.


In person in NYC, or online via Skype/Facetime

Makes house calls to NYC moms.


For taping services, Cynthia highly recommends The Tape Room (; and Ted Sluberski Studios (, who also offers a killer weekly on-camera audition class.

While Cynthia offers nuts-n-bolts business advice and career strategies for the actor, she also highly recommends the services of Capes Coaching ( and their excellent Path Class to articulate your career vision, and devise an action plan toward your long-term goals.




Cynthia is an exceptional teacher, director, and mentor. I looked forward to my classes and rehearsals with her and always left each class feeling fulfilled and inspired. Her insightfulness, compassion, and honesty made the room feel safe to take risks as well as challenging. 

Besides her skills as teacher/director, she is also a hilarious and wonderful person to share the room with. I loved listening to her anecdotes, stories about her previous work experience as a gifted actress, and motivational talks about what it takes to succeed in this tough industry. 

As I start my career as an actress, I often think of the things she encouraged me to do as well as carry her inspirational stories with me. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Cynthia to any artist looking to grow both artistically, emotionally, and personally!
— Leanne Agmon, Actor
Cynthia is fantastic. She is a wonderful teacher with a straightforward and inspirational attitude. Not to mention her work as a director is stunning and always blows me away!
— Christina Cappelli, Actor, Producer
Cynthia taught me how to apply specificity and rigour to my art form through reconditioning poor habits and showing me the depth needed to analyse works vigorously. Once these things were unlocked, magic happened within our classroom.

I wish I could carry a mini Cynthia to instruct me on all future projects and hope to one day produce a play with Cynthia on board to direct.
— Katy-May Hudson, Producer, She Said Productions
Cynthia is one of the best instructors I’ve ever come across in more than 10 years of acting training. Her passion, drive and expertise energizes the class and drove me and my peers to great leaps of growth.

As well as being an excellent instructor, Cynthia is one of the nicest human beings walking around on the East Coast of America and was always available for a consultation or a chat.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Sebastian Angborn, Content Maker, Actor & Screenwriter
Cynthia is a terrific teacher with an enormous amount of patience and a no-nonsense attitude towards developing specific skills in acting students, especially specificity, rigor, and professionalism.
— Jake Beckhard, Theatre Director
Looking back at my acting training, I can honestly say that Cynthia Silver stands out as a great teacher. Her caring approach to honestly telling us how the business of acting works and preparing us for life outside of college was indispensable. To this day I still refer to notes from her class, and I thank her guidance.
— Marchelle Thurman, Actor, VO Artist, Writer, Producer
Cynthia Silver was one of the most important parts of my theater education at the Atlantic Theater Company. As a teacher, she influences her students to search for more in their storytelling. She creates an environment that breads creativity and specificity. The combination of her dynamic wit and grounded realness is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It is a constant source of inspiration to see her both teach and perform. Cynthia’s natural talent, motivation, and keen eye for honesty and truthfulness both on and off stage have continued to amaze and encourage me. I am truly lucky to call her one of my teachers and now collaborators.
— Rachel Begelman, Creative Director, Begelbyte
Cynthia is a passionate teacher who demands the best of her students. Her classroom becomes more than just a room to act, but a place of inspiration for life itself. Insightful and aware, she is unafraid to point out what needs improvement with a scene. She works through moments of struggle to produce the best results possible. Possibly the most valuable part of her class is that she shows her students they are capable of much more than they realize.
— Jenna Krasowski, Actor
I met Cynthia in the second year of my training at Atlantic Acting School and WOW is the first word that comes to mind. Here is a teacher (and so much more) who gives you her complete attention and uses her expert analysis to pinpoint areas of struggle in your work - In the first day. Every time. For every student I saw her work with.  

Of course, Cynthia does not stop there, but pursues deeper with you to figure out what drives you and what challenges you, what disgusts and what enthralls you. This was the first class where I was encouraged to present a scene from a play I was writing at the time, and I cannot emphasize enough how bolstering to my artistic process it was to have such a professional work so earnestly with me on words of my own. 

When I think about the uphill climb all entertainers face when joining this field, I often will smile as Cynthia’s steadfast and realistic lessons come back to me. Her successes inspire those who know her to never settle, and to unleash their most specific and truthful performance.  

You will not find a more honest teacher, so stop looking.”
— Matt Davis, Actor