Adult: The Series

Web Series | Homeschooled Productions

Directed by Cynthia Silver


Two unlikely friends with a ten-year age gap face problems from the harsh, judgmental world, and find solace in their weird, but loving friendship.


Official Trailer



Creator, Writer, EP:  Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen | Director:  Cynthia Silver | Producers: Julia Kennelly (Pilot); Jessica Burgess, Sarah Brennan Kolb (Eps 2-4) | Director of Photography:  Jenelle Pearring | Editor:  Rachel Durance | Production Designer:  Adrienne Evans (Pilot); John Nunn (Eps 2-4) | Cast:  Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen, Julie Cohn, Justin Danforth, Zach Wegner, Gabrielle Adkins, Kieron Anthony, Andrea Christensen, Sania Hyatt

Photos by Augusta Quirk